TPX Color Specifier Supplier Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Product: TPX Color Specifier
Color: 2100
Chipset: 6 Tearoff Chip
Country: USA
Contact: 01975804950,01611828220


Ideal for non-fabric materials, the PANTONE Color intellectual has been redesigned for the final word in color choice and management. All 2,100 TPX colours – as well as all one hundred seventy five new Fashion + Home colors – square measure currently organized in complete chromatic flow that enhances inspiration and speeds production. The PANTONE Color intellectual options six tear-out chips of every TPX color – excellent for palette development and shows. Chips attach to sketches and style files for correct color communication and quality assurance at each stage of development.

Please Call for Latest Price of  Pantone TPX Color Specifier in Bangladesh:01975804950,01611828220


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